Need Obamacare Assistance

Confused? Need Marketplace (Obamacare) assistance?

Do you need Obamacare assistance for getting your health insurance through the Marketplace?  Michigan Health and Life is able to help those people and companies in need of advice and enrollment.  We strive to not only find the best health insurance plan to suit the clients needs but also the most cost effective solution.

We are here to help.  The Affordable Care Act (Marketplace), also known as Obamacare; is not easy to understand and there are many flaws in signing up online including security issues.

Confused?  Need Marketplace (Obamacare) assistance?

Confused? Need Marketplace (Obamacare) assistance?

Not understanding and not making the right choices for you and your situation can cost you a lot of money.  It can also provide you with insurance that does not meet your needs.  It is better to come to professional insurance agents to help you select health insurance plans that are right for you and your family.

Our service is free, our experience is invaluable in making the right choice for you and your family.  Being able to choose the right options for your medical coverage can save you thousands, ensure that you have medical coverage, and medical coverage that works affordably when you need it.

Individuals continue to come to us after going to the Affordable Care Act website with questions and concerns.  Many did not know what to choose or how to make a solid decision.  We will help you.

Helping Michigan residents to get the healthcare plans they need at no cost.  Our help is FREE!

Helping Michigan residents to get the healthcare plans they need at no cost. Our help is FREE!

their health insurance coverage t, we gain loyal customers that realize we do care about them.

There have been cases where people signed up through the Affordable Care Act Marketplace (Obamacare) and later came to us when they received high premiums.  We are able to help resolve those issues in some cases and get the coverage that those people need at a price they can afford.

Where can I get further health insurance assistance?

You can contact My Family Health Insurance if you want to get more assistance by calling (844) 261-0303 or you can visit us at  We provide more than assistance.  We provide only the best service possible because our clients deserve only the best for them and their families.  Our website also has a section called “Healthy Living” that provides health tips and topics.


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